Our company manufactures mechanical parts and subassemblies, both in France and abroad. We uphold providing a very comprehensive offer and are therefore able to produce a full range of parts, kits and subassemblies. To do this, we manage the whole Supply Chain, from materials purchase to the final product.

Our different means of production allow us to manufacture Prototype Parts as well as parts in small, medium and long series.

Team and organization

Our production unit operates on a human scale and this means optimum response and short deadlines (for parts repair or exchange). Everything has been put into place to provide solutions that are made to measure and adapted to the most demanding specifications. With our customers, we beyond a sales relationship, setting up a real partnerships based on trust and attention to their requirements: it is always our concern to offer them the best of our know-how.

1st December 1980

The company was set up in Biarritz, working in the arms sector for industrialization and manufacture of subassemblies for G.I.A.T. industries.


The manufacture and industrialization of the MAB PA 15mm pistol was taken on


The company moved its focus to the aeronautical industry (DASSAULT, MESSIER etc.)


Supply of materials and complete manufacture of parts and subassemblies for the Aeronautical industry (protection/paint)


The company moved to new premises in Bayonne

QUALIFAS Certification


The position of a logistics agent was set up and QUALIFAS certification renewed


The GPAO CLIPPER was acquired


AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification


EN 9100 Certification, replacing the QUALIFAS certification


A precise fit/deburring workstation was set up


MISSLER software was bought


The company moved into and extended air-conditioned premises for assembly / honing.

A 5-Axis DMG 60 EVO milling machine was purchased


Purchase of a TRIDIM AXIOM measurement machine and CMZ Tower.


The company invested in a HURCO V10I with a 4th axis


Purchase of a marking machine and a large capacity oven for fitting


Purchase of C.U. HURCO VMX24I


Purchase of C.U 5 axis DMG DMU60 EVO

Purchase of a portable durometer

Change of direction at the end of september

Quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals. We work on this on a daily basis and each team member is involved in the continuous improvement of quality and cost optimization.


Afaq_9001AFAQ ISO 9001 V2008 (quality management system)
afaq_9100EN 9100 (quality assurance system for the aeronautical and space industry)

SAFRAN - Certification délégation de contrôle - PCD-SLS-570SAFRAN (For delegation of control – PCD-SLS-570) 

Approvals :

DASSAULT AVIATIONDASSAULT AVIATION (for assembly of bearings, ball-bearings, brackets, crimping spherical impressions, circular crimping etc.)
safranSAFRAN LANDING SYSTEMS (formerly MESSIER- BUGATTI-DOWTY) (THR machining, easing, fitting, calibration, crimping spherical impressions, circular crimping etc.) 


+33 (0)5 59 31 34 30

23 Rue du Colonel Melville Lynch, 64100 Bayonne, France

+33 (0)5 59 31 34 30

23 Rue du Colonel Melville Lynch, 64100 Bayonne, France