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40 years of expertise

in precision engineering

Our company

At MAM, we don’t take chances on precision

For over 40 years, MAM has been involved in / at the forefront of production, montage and assembly in order to offer parts, technical sub-assemblies and highly specialised engineering.

Our extensive experience and high standards mean we can respond to the most demanding market requirements such as the aeronautics, defence or medical sectors.

Our expertise in Milling, Turning, Assembly and Mounting, Inspections, Tooling and Prototyping means we can provide complete proficiency in the production chain and deliver high precision parts with quality finishings.

One of MAM’s strengths: respond to all types of order, whether it involves small or large parts and one-off or batch production.

MAM is more than just a machining service provider : we aim to be a parts manufacturer for tier 1 customers.


Proficiency, Foresight and Commitment

Founded in 1980 in Biarritz, MAM began its activity by working alongside one of the major players in the French defence industry, GIANT (now part of the Nexter group).

Over the years, the company has continued its commitment to respecting the production and assembly of technical precision parts and sub-assemblies by using people skills and state-of-the-art tools.

This commitment to quality has enabled the company to consolidate its position as technical and engineering experts and to work for increasingly demanding technical sectors such as the aeronautics, medical and naval sectors.

Driven by its values of quality, traceability and confidentiality, MAM has been able to convince stakeholders who have high expectations and flawless quantitative and qualitative needs.

MAM’s aim is to position itself as a small equipment manufacturer for Tier 1 customers in the aeronautics and defence sectors, but also in other sectors (medical, naval, leisure, rail, industry, etc.), in order to meet the needs and expectations of a larger panel of significant stakeholders in the French market.

MAM’s values are those of a company with a personal touch that values its team members and their skills, through performance over time, the quality of the services and products manufactured, but above all, loyalty and respect between everyone.


People as assets

MAM is above all a group adventure, in asmall, friendly company where 24 experienced men and women work daily to guarantee the operational and qualitative aspects of production.

By placing people at the heart of its activity, the company has chosen to capitalize on its employees by supporting them in the development of their skills in relation to the expectations and needs of the market.

Today, this is reflected in a team with a minimum of 10 years’ seniority, in which skilled workers, technicians and engineers, all specialized in general engineering, work for the success and development of the company.


5 skills - 1 precision quality

MAM’s activity is based on 5 complementary skills in the field of precision engineering:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Assembly & mounting
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Tooling & prototyping

These fields of expertise allow the company to respond to a wide range of orders, from mechanical parts to prototypes and from single parts to small and large batches.

MAM is committed in each of its productions to offer parts with precise finishes, made to the nearest micron.

Our quality charter

< 1000 ppm

*On Quality Delivery


M2 given over
to the production


*On Time Delivery

More than 60

in France and abroad

Customer relations

Reliability, reactivity & transparency

As a small equipment manufacturer, at MAM we aim to conduct all our projects with a strong commitment to loyalty and solid personal relationships. As well as the technical expertise we provide, choosing MAM means opting for an honest and transparent collaboration during all stages of production. This involvement allows us to offer specially adapted and customized solutions to each of our Tier 1 clients and to be part of a lasting partnership.

  • Short lead times

  • Flexibility

  • Optimal reactivity

  • Transparency

S u p p l y C h a i n

1 Purchasing & Supply

  • Adaptability to customer requirements

  • Complete autonomy over non-standard processes

  • Supplier performance indicators

  • Company charter on General Purchasing Instructions

2 Production

  • 5 complementary skills

  • Reactivity and performance (OTD & OQD)

  • Development of production tools

  • Continuous improvement

4 Inspection and quality control

  • Checking compliance with plans and requirements

  • Defined control points

  • Culture of confidentiality

  • Data protection

3 Follow-up

  • Total traceability of products and protocolss

  • Transparency and honesty towards customers

  • Flexibility and reactivity

Quality control

Our machines

Machined materials

Proficiency & high standards

Customer satisfaction is of permanent concern to us and in line with our aim to keep progressing as the market evolves, at MAM we are constantly raising the standards of our requirements.

By developing multiple steps to continuously improve quality and safety, we are able to maintain a high level of quality and guarantee an optimum level of service.

This high level of quality is reflected in the long-lasting and trusting relationships we have with our various partners.

Technology & performance

For more than 40 years, MAM has been committed to investing regularly in high-performance equipment in order to respond to an increasingly technical and demanding market.

With a fleet of more than twenty machines,the company is able to successfully meet a wide range of demands.



Multidisciplinary machining

Experts in the field

Lightness, robustness, heat, hardness: the choice of material will vary according to expectations.

With this in mind, MAM is able to offer a diverse choice of production materials to meet the specific needs of each of its customers.

Detail is the key to quality.

Steels and High-strength steels

Aluminium alloys

Stainless steel


Bronze alloys